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Quality Principles

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Quality PrinciplesQuality Principles for Competency-Based Education This book, developed with input involving practitioners as part of the National Summit on K-12 Competency-Based Education, offers 16 Quality Design Principles to guide the development of competency-based learning with the goal of creating a system in which every student succeeds. While producing high-quality schools certainly requires attention to the structure, policy and operations, …

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Landscape Scan of Personalized Learning

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Landscape Scan of Personalized LearningA National Landscape Scan of Personalized Learning in K-12 Education in the United States This publication provides findings from a national survey of teachers and students to underscore how, and to what extent, core elements of personalized learning are taking hold in K-12 schools and districts across the United States. iNACOL partnered with the Center on Reinventing …

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Levers and Logic Models

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Levers and Logic ModelsLevers and Logic Models: A Framework to Guide Research and Design of High-Quality K-12 Competency-Based Education Systems Competency-based education is gaining momentum and visibility nationally. To advance the field with quality and fidelity, CompetencyWorks developed a logic model defining key elements and levers of high-quality competency-based systems to accelerate research and advance the implementation of high-quality models. …

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Teachers to Drive Student Agency

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Teachers to Drive Student AgencyStrategies for Teachers to Drive Student Agency through Inquiry-Based, Authentic Learning Research on motivation and engagement has established that creating opportunities for students to shape their educational experiences (i.e., student agency) is an essential ingredient for improving academic achievement. View this archived webinar to learn strategies to design learning experiences that drive student agency through inquiry-based, …

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Designing for Equity

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Designing for EquityDesigning for Equity: Leveraging Competency-Based Education to Ensure All Students Succeed This publication offers equity strategies for personalized, competency-based education to ensure a more equitable K-12 education system. Districts and schools can use the equity principles within this report to develop an equity agenda within their personalized, competency-based systems. Competency-based education systems, designed to ensure all students achieve …

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Meeting Students Where They Are

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Meeting Students Where They AreMeeting Students Where They Are Meeting Students Where They Are, written by Antonia Rudenstine, Sydney Schaef, Dixie Bacallao and Sarah Hakani of reDesign, provides school and district leaders with an in-depth exploration of the relational, pedagogical and structural dimensions of meeting students where they are in K-12 competency-based education systems. Competency-based education models, designed to ensure …

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Communication Strategies for Education Leaders

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Communication Strategies for Education LeadersCommunication Strategies for Education Leaders Shifting Toward Competency-Based, Personalized Learning View this archived webinar to learn ways to communicate with stakeholders about shifting toward a competency-based and personalized system. Understand emerging national trends from a recent survey and landscape analysis on the best ways to communicate about competency-based and personalized learning, and cater these promising practices …

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Positive Youth Development Strategies

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Positive Youth Development StrategiesQHow Teachers Are Incorporating Positive Youth Development Strategies in Personalized Learning Research from the learning sciences tell us that the search for identity and autonomy is a primary aspiration of all young people. Schools — and teachers in particular — are pivotal in supporting students on this journey: helping them build competencies that connect to purpose, providing …

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Fit for Purpose

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Fit for PurposeFit for Purpose: Taking the Long View on Systems Change and Policy to Support Competency Education This paper explores and reflects on the issues state policy needs to address in the long-term to support a transformation of K-12 education systems. Personalized learning and competency-based education systems, designed to ensure equity, hold promise to prepare all students for success …

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Teachers Can Create

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Powerful, Personalized, Productive Learning ExperiencesHow Teachers Can Create Powerful, Personalized, Productive Learning Experiences Teachers around the globe are implementing innovative practices and creating breakthrough learning models that dramatically improve student learning. There are rapid changes occurring in how teachers teach and how students learn, based on learning sciences research and youth development theory. How can teachers provide students with learning …