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Habits of Success

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Habits of SuccessHabits of Success: Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for Learning, Work, and Life This report offers guidance for K-12 districts and schools by synthesizing the latest research and knowledge on emerging practices for: 1) developing local habits of success frameworks, 2) addressing equity and cultural considerations in implementing habits of success and lifelong learning skills, and 3) promoting …

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Making Learning Engaging

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Making Learning EngagingAgency by Design: Making Learning Engaging The global COVID-19 pandemic pulled back the curtain on the growing need for greater student agency and student engagement. As we rethink the future of education in a post-pandemic world, learner agency must be at the center of learning designs and learning models so that we can support students anytime, anyplace, and …

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Math Teacher’s Journey

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Math Teacher’s JourneyA Mastery-Based Math Teacher’s Journey This case study highlights a high school math teacher’s successful journey of taking the steps needed to move away from traditional teaching methods to innovative pedagogies supporting mastery-based teaching and learning. Mastery-based learning (also called competency-based learning) is a shift away from traditional, one-size-fits-all teaching. Teachers ensure each student masters academic knowledge and …

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Developing Equity, Efficacy, and Effectiveness

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Developing Equity, Efficacy, and EffectivenessDeveloping Equity, Efficacy, and Effectiveness in a Competency-Based System An interactive conversation that will ignite transformational ideas based on experiences and adaptations for our competency-based system. Participants will review a continuum of attributes: starting with equity, developing efficacy, and measuring effectiveness. Personalized learner-centered experiences that were adapted for remote learning will be included. The goal will …

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Introduction to Competency-Based Education

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Introduction to Competency-Based EducationAn Introduction to K-12 Competency-Based Education Competency-based education, also referred to as mastery-based, proficiency-based or performance-based education, is a system of education designed to equitably ensure all students develop the success skills they will need for college, career and life. This webinar will answer the most frequently asked questions about why competency-based education is important, how it …

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Quality Principles

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Quality PrinciplesQuality Principles for Competency-Based Education This book, developed with input involving practitioners as part of the National Summit on K-12 Competency-Based Education, offers 16 Quality Design Principles to guide the development of competency-based learning with the goal of creating a system in which every student succeeds. While producing high-quality schools certainly requires attention to the structure, policy and operations, …

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Personalized Learning

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Personalized LearningWhat’s Possible with Personalized Learning? An Overview of Personalized Learning for Schools, Families & Communities This paper is designed to inform schools, families and communities about the potential of personalized learning. This report describes why personalized learning matters and shows what personalized learning looks like in schools for teachers and for students. Through case studies, this paper illustrates what …

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Student-Centered Learning

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Student Centered LearningFunctional Requirements for Integrated Systems to Optimize Learning This paper illustrates the technical requirements and functionalities that learning management systems need to shift toward student-centered instructional models. This comprehensive framework will help districts and schools determine what systems to use and integrate as they being their journey toward student-centered learning, as well as how systems integration aligns with …