Positive Youth Development Strategies

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Positive Youth Development Strategies

QHow Teachers Are Incorporating Positive Youth Development Strategies in Personalized Learning

Research from the learning sciences tell us that the search for identity and autonomy is a primary aspiration of all young people. Schools — and teachers in particular — are pivotal in supporting students on this journey: helping them build competencies that connect to purpose, providing opportunities for meaningful contribution, and ensuring that they know their contributions and perspectives are valued. But this does not happen by accident. Adults must intentionally create thriving ecosystems of learning that provide the right balance of supports and autonomy to help all students reach their potential.

Springpoint’s work in school design is driven by five tenets of positive youth development:

  • Caring, trusting, and supportive relationships
  • High expectations
  • Voice, choice, and contribution
  • Intentionally engaging learning experiences
  • Consistency

View this archived webinar to hear teachers share examples and promising practices for implementing positive youth development into their school models. They share insights on how these tenets of positive youth development come to life in a way that can help prepare all students for successful futures.

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