Enrollment Process

  • All applicants interested in our  full-time program or  individual courses must complete the online pre-registration form.
  • An enrollment coordinator will then contact you to discuss your candidacy and walk you through the enrollment process.
  • Since our programs are tailored to individual needs, a Nextide Academy facilitator will conduct an interview with parents and students to understand the expectations.
  • Upon mutual agreement, an enrollment packet needs to be completed and submitted along with the required documents.
  • All students will receive a welcome packet and will go through an orientation process to understand the curriculum, technologies and culture at Nextide Academy.


  • Elementary and Middle school full-time tuition and fees per grade level – $1,550.00
  • High school full-time tuition and fees per grade level (5 courses) – $1,650.00
  • Individual courses – $425.00

For accelerated learning, full-time students can enroll in additional courses for $350 per course for high school courses and $325 per course for middle school courses.

Tuition can be paid in monthly installments and will be subject to a monthly installment fee of $10 per month.

Tuition Refund:
We always provide a 7 day risk-free trial period (at no cost) for all our courses before we officially enroll students. After the trial period, we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our education program and services. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, contact us at to notify us of your intent to withdraw within 10 days after the trial period is over. We will cancel your course(s) and issue a refund less a $200 processing and handling fee. After this time frame, full tuition is due.


If the student completes the course requirements in less than a year, the full tuition for the current grade level needs to be paid in full before enrolling in the next grade level.

If the student needs more than 12 months to complete the courses, the tuition will switch to a monthly installment (after the full tuition for the current grade has been paid) until the courses are completed. (Maximum time to complete a course is 18 months from the start of the course)

Prospective Students

 GT – Early Graduation

 Athletes and Performers
 Military Families
 Adult Learners
 Summer School
 Credit Recovery 

Financial Aid

We at Nextide Academy believe that our financial aid program is an investment in students and their futures and we are fully committed to our need-based financial aid program.

We admit students from all over the world without regard to their financial circumstances or aid eligibility. For instructions on how to apply for need-based financial aid, write to us at If family circumstances change, our students may apply for need-based aid at any time during their enrollment and each case will be reviewed individually.

We seek a diverse student body from across the globe and are committed to ensuring that all students can take full advantage of the Nextide Academy experience.