Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are a compilation of the most common questions that we receive. If you have any questions other than the ones below, please email us at


Nextide Academy Middle School:
We require that students applying for Nextide Academy Middle School have completed 5th grade. Students who are transferring from other middle schools should provide transcripts from their previous school(s).

Nextide Academy High School:
If students are younger than 14 years of age, they must have completed 8th grade and we would require a school transcript, a homeschooling portfolio or standardized test score indicating at or above 8th grade level performance.
If students are 14 years or older, they can enroll at Nextide Academy High School. However, we would recommend a standardized test so that we can tailor the high school program accordingly.

No, we at Nextide Academy do not tie intellectual capabilities to age. As every kid is unique, our strong belief is that there should not a time-frame attached to learning. We want to make sure that our kids learn what they are supposed to learn at, not how fast or slow and when. This flexibility gives our students the option to enroll at any age and dictate their own pace of learning.
Yes, diversity is part of our curriculum and culture. We accept students from across the globe. However, we may need additional documents depending on your situation. Please write to us at if you have specific questions so that we can address them accurately.
No, we have a rolling admission system. You can apply when you are ready to start learning at Nextide Academy.

Yes. However, we will need a certified copy of your transcript translated in English. There are many service providers like Rev who translate transcripts and other documents. We ONLY need a translation of your transcripts, not evaluation (a more expensive service).

If we find the need to evaluate the applicant, we normally use a standardized test to find the appropriate grade levels.

The short answer is NO.
The long answer:
The medium of instruction at Nextide Academy is English and we expect our students to have required English language skills to comprehend and effectively learn. And, we want YOU TO LEARN! We can conditionally accept you as a student at Nextide Academy and until you acquire the required proficiency in the English language, you will be registered only for English courses. Since we offer various levels of English courses, where you start will be based on an assessment. Once you are comfortable, we will register you for other courses and you will not only realize its importance, but will soon find out that you can catch up in no time.

Absolutely. However, you will start at your grade level and will receive credit for any of the completed courses, if any.

Yes. But, make sure that Nextide Academy and your current school is aware. You can definitely use Nextide Academy’s courses as supplement learning and we will issue credits for the courses you successfully complete with us. However, please remember that the policies of schools are different and you getting the credits for the completed courses (even from an accredited institution) is at the discretion of your currently enrolled school. Please check with your school. That said, credit or no credit, learning is never a bad thing.

Academic Programs

The pace at which each of our students graduate depends completely on the individual. We set no age limit or time limit for graduation or even for a completion of an individual course. We want our students to thoroughly learn and complete the graduation requirements at your own pace.
Yes, we accept transfer credits. However, please remember that being a student at Nextide Academy is an experience. We require that you complete the graduation requirements with  a minimum of 10 credits earned here at Nextide Academy before you can graduate with a high school diploma from us.
Yes, we have certified teachers available to help you. Students are able to connect with instructors via email and Lync for support.
Yes. Graduating from a school has significant benefits. The main benefit is that your high school diploma and credits earned will be recognized by colleges, universities and employers across the globe.
We are a 100% online middle and high school. Everything required for course completion including but not limited to course textbooks, video lectures, quizzes, tests, writing projects, discussions and presentations are accessed online.


Yes, you can pay your tuition using our monthly plan.
Our monthly plan for middle school is $125.00 per month and for high school is $150.00 per month.
Yes, we offer full and partial scholarships that are need based, merit based, athletic scholarships and military families scholarship.  Please write to us at to find out if you qualify.
Yes, we have a sibling discount of 10% for each additional student from the same family.
Yes, the tuition includes all the materials including text required for the completion of the course.

International Students

Yes, our culture is global in nature and we encourage diversity amongst our students for a wonderful learning experience. Education is universal and we do not discriminate on nationality, race, religion or any other differences in our societies.
Yes! However, we our rigorous curriculum requires a certain level of reading, writing and speaking skills in English. Please do not let that deter you from applying to Nextide Academy. We can still conditionally accept you until you acquire the skills required and you will be placed in an English program. Once we are confident that you can continue with our regular curriculum, we will then enroll you in other subjects.
We are an online school and we would not require any classroom sessions. However, we are in the process of building a yearly Global Experience program to arrange our students to meet in person at set locations across many countries. Please look forward to an announcement from us.