Virginia Multi-Division Online Provider

Nextide Academy has been approved as a multi-division online provider for the Virginia Department of Education to offer middle school and high school courses in Virginia. Core and elective courses are now available to school divisions across the state that offer Virtual School Programs as a part of their high quality educational services. The approved courses were recognized as aligning with the Virginia Standards of Learning.

All students including home-school students are encouraged to check with your local school districts or assigned school counselors to register for the following courses.

Virginia Department of Education – Virtual School Programs

Virtual education programs provide additional instruction choices for students in non-traditional settings through distance learning options. These online learning programs offer flexibility to students while providing instruction aligned with the Standards of Learning. A number of Virginia school divisions provide opportunities for their students to take online courses as a part of their regular course offerings.

Virtual School Programs  (Multidivision Online Providers)

The 2010 General Assembly directed the Board of Education to establish criteria for the approval of virtual school programs that provide instruction to students in multiple school divisions. The criteria and processes approved by the board in November 2010 provide flexibility for diverse learners and ensure that instruction provided by multi-division online providers is aligned with state standards and provided by highly qualified teachers. More about:  Virtual School Programs – Multidivision Online Providers – information of interest to providers, school divisions and students and parents.

Approved Courses
English – 6 English
English – 7 English
English – 8 English
English – 9 English
English – 10 English
English – 11 English
English – 12 English
Math – 6 Math
Math – 7 Math
Math – 8 Math
Algebra – 1 Math
Algebra – 2 Math
Geometry Math
Earth and Space Science Science
Physical Science Science
Life Science Science
Biology Science
Chemistry Science
Physics Science
Civics History and Social Science
Middle School US History History and Social Science
US History History and Social Science
World Geography History and Social Science
Virginia and US Government History and Social Science
World History History and Social Science
World History Survey History and Social Science
French – 1 Foreign Language
French – 2 Foreign Language
German – 1 Foreign Language
German – 2 Foreign Language
Spanish – 1 Foreign Language
Spanish – 2 Foreign Language
Spanish – 3 Foreign Language
Physical Education Health and Physical Education
Health Health and Physical Education
Academic Success Elective