Nextide Academy – Elementary School

Nextide Academy elementary school program for grades K-5 inspires, motivates, and prepares students for success from an early age. We have adopted the Calvert Learning curriculum uses the PLUS Framework consisting of four elements: project, learn, use, show. Our carefully chosen curriculum brings the PLUS framework to life through principles of learning design featured in the work of John Hattie: explicit instruction, active learning, project-based learning, scaffolding, feedback, and evaluation and reflection.

Elementary School Curriculum


Kindergarten English Language Arts
Kindergarten Math
Kindergarten Social Studies
Kindergarten Science
Kindergarten Health
Kindergarten Physical Education

Grade 1:

Grade 1 English Language Arts
Grade 1 Math
Grade 1 Social Studies
Grade 1 Science
Grade 1 Health
Grade 1 Physical Education

Grade 2:

Grade 2 English Language Arts
Grade 2 Math
Grade 2 Social Studies
Grade 2 Science
Grade 2 Art & Picture Study
Grade 2 Physical Education

Grade 3:

Grade 3 English Language Arts
Grade 3 Math
Grade 3 Social Studies
Grade 3 Science
Grade 3 Art & Picture Study
Grade 3 Physical Education

Grade 4:

Grade 4 English Language Arts
Grade 4 Math
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 4 Science
Grade 4 Art & Picture Study
Grade 4 Physical Education

Grade 5:

Grade 5 English Language Arts
Grade 5 Math
Grade 5 Social Studies
Grade 5 Science
Grade 5 Art & Art History
Grade 5 Physical Education