Teachers to Drive Student Agency

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Teachers to Drive Student Agency

Strategies for Teachers to Drive Student Agency through Inquiry-Based, Authentic Learning

Research on motivation and engagement has established that creating opportunities for students to shape their educational experiences (i.e., student agency) is an essential ingredient for improving academic achievement.

View this archived webinar to learn strategies to design learning experiences that drive student agency through inquiry-based, authentic learning in K-12 education. In inquiry-based learning, a question, problem, or scenario is posed, which activates a student’s curiosity, encouraging and motivating students to do research, explore responses on their own, share what they’ve learned, and reflect on the process and experience.

In this webinar, teachers will explore ways to address real-world problems through inquiry-based strategies, and learn ways to model this behavior with their students. Learn promising practices and strategies for inquiry-based instruction that drive student agency, helping students to become ambassadors of their own learning.

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