Life after high school

It is never too early to prepare for college, career or a promising future. At Nextide Academy, by integrating rigorous academics with career-based learning and real world workplace experiences, we ignite students’ passions by creating meaningful learning experiences through career-oriented pathways in fields such as engineering, health care, performing arts, law, and more.

Along with our rigorous curriculum, learning also happens in the form of moderated online discussions in a problem based inquiry (PBI) setting and yearly PBI project requirements. The quarterly participation reports generated gives our students the opportunity to discover the natural inclination towards certain subject areas and understand their talent and passion towards the same. We believe that this knowledge is critical for every individual because when students love what they’re learning, they work harder, dream bigger, and learn more.

Further, our students are constantly in touch with professionals who are invited to participate in these online discussions that gives them access to the real world and hone their skills in shaping their future, college or career.

Nextide Academy provides our students an integrated experience by bringing together:

  • Challenging Curriculum for college preparation are studied through a real world profession.
  • Essential and Technical Skills that link academics with a professional career are taught through PBI projects.
  • Project-based Learning focused on a continuum of experiences ranging from career awareness and exploration to actual career preparation.
  • Student Support provided through mentoring, tutoring, career counseling and family support services.
The following resources help high school students research and plan for the college and education of their dreams:

  • Peterson’s guide to college information at offers test preparation, school searches, financial aid searches, career exploration tools, and professional writing services
  • Chegg at Chegg is a tool that allows high school students to showcase their talents, skills, and passions to colleges and universities, well in advance of the actual application process. It lets students show colleges that they are not a “test score,” but rather individuals who have names, passions, and background differences that make them unique and desirable recruits. Chegg also specializes in online textbook rentals (both in physical and digital formats), homework help, scholarships, course reviews and internship matching
  • U.S. News Online at provides information on searching for colleges, undergraduate and graduate programs, college rankings, financial aid, skills assessments, career inventories.
  • College Board Online at The most comprehensive college information site. Includes College Board tests, programs and online registration, a searchable database of colleges, financial aid information, career planning information, and a fee-based essay evaluation service.
  • Princeton Review Online at Extensive college and career information site. Includes timed tests, essay hints, internship database, career lists of salary and industry, career profiles, and APPLY! (an online application aid).
  • College View at Profiles 3,800 colleges and universities, virtual multimedia tours of selected schools, electronic applications, financial aid information, and career planning tools.
  • Campus Tours at Virtual tours of more than 8,000 colleges.
  • Common Application (AASP) at 191 selective schools use this one common form for admission.
  • Trip to College at offers college planning information.