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Powerful, Personalized, Productive Learning Experiences

How Teachers Can Create Powerful, Personalized, Productive Learning Experiences

Teachers around the globe are implementing innovative practices and creating breakthrough learning models that dramatically improve student learning. There are rapid changes occurring in how teachers teach and how students learn, based on learning sciences research and youth development theory.

How can teachers provide students with learning experiences where each student’s unique needs are addressed and every student has access to a world-class education and personalized learning experiences that ensure success? View this archived webinar to hear ways teachers can create powerful, personalized, productive learning experiences to deepen learning and prepare each student to thrive in college, career and civic life. Learn how teachers co-construct assessments and lessons with students, giving them agency and voice, enhancing the learning experience and making learning more meaningful and personal. Gain insights on how to integrate various learning tools to engage learners and inspire creativity and curiosity in the teaching and learning process.

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