Technology at Nextide Academy

Technology is an integral part of our curriculum and culture at Nextide Academy.

Our learning portal includes the use of the following tools, platforms and software provided with no additional cost for our full-time and part-time students:

  • Our curriculum is build upon an award winning common core aligned course-ware that provides the technology required to make real-time, results-driven decisions that will effectively boost student achievement and create an educational environment that will assure long-term, ongoing academic improvement.
  • We have integrated Moodle, single robust, secure and integrated learning management system to create personalized learning environment, for our PBI courses.
  • Students will build their electronic portfolio of their work  during their years at Nextide Academy using the Mahara ePortfolio system and will be available to showcase their accomplishments when applying for college or starting a career.
  • Peer to peer learning is an important aspect of learning while at Nextide Academy. We use the online tool Peerwise  that provides an online repository of discussions and valuable reporting tools to analyze the areas of interest and natural inclination shown by our students.
  • Nextide Academy students will be setup with a Microsoft Office 365 plan. This plan allows students to have an official email and can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access on up to 5 PCs or Macs and Office apps on other mobile devices including Android, iPad®, and Windows tablets.
  • Lync from Microsoft is our official web and video conferencing tool.
Technology Requirements
Browser Internet® Explorer 9.0
Internet® Explorer 10.0
Internet® Explorer 11.0
Chrome (latest)
Firefox (latest)
Internet Connection 128Kbps per simultaneous workstation
CPU Speed and RAM 1 GHz processor or faster with 1GB RAM
Sound Card Must be present and enabled for audio content
Plug-Ins Flash Player
Shockwave Player
Java (Microsoft or Sun JRE)
Adobe Reader
Microsoft Office or compatible document editor
Pop-Up Blockers Disabled