Nextide Academy – Advanced Studies American High School Diploma

Students enrolled in the Nextide Academy’s Advanced Studies diploma program will participate in a unique academic program that includes rigorous math, science, and technology courses. The ultimate goal of the program is to subject our students to a STEM experience through our PBI courses guided by industry experts and thereby prepare for college readiness in science, medicine, engineering and math majors. Rest assured, our students will be ready for the challenges of a demanding college or university environment.  Further, our courses are facilitated by teachers who monitor student progress and performance and are aided by professionals from major industry sectors ensuring that students have the support needed to be successful in the program.

High School – Advanced Studies Curriculum (26 credits)


Core Courses Requirement  – 20 credits

Language Arts – 4 credits

Mathematics – 4 credits

Science – 4 credits

Social Science – 3 credits

New Literacies – 2 credits

Foreign Language, Fine Arts and Technical Education – 3 credits

Health and Physical Education – 1 credit

Elective Courses Requirement – 5 credits

AP® Courses

Language Arts

Mathematics – 3 credits

Social Science