Develop Students as Global Citizens

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Develop Students as Global Citizens

Strategies for Teachers to Develop Students as Global Citizens

In personalized learning models across the country, teachers are providing students with real-world learning opportunities, interconnected with the community, to develop important skills and dispositions that prepare them for a lifetime of success.

Lincoln-West School of Global Studies (a high school within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District) is implementing a personalized, competency-based system with the mission to prepare students to become knowledgeable, empathetic, and principled adults who think critically and act creatively on issues of local and global significance to build a just, sustainable, and peaceful world. Through innovative instructional strategies, including community-based projects and strategic partnerships locally and globally, students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to grow and succeed in a diverse and evolving global society.

View this archived webinar to learn how Global Studies exposes students to the international world through extensive expeditions, performance tasks, service learning projects, and classroom experiences that focus on Cleveland as an international city. Learn strategies teachers use to design these interdisciplinary expeditions at the state and national levels to develop students as global citizens. Teachers share strategies, projects, and ideas to design learning experiences for students to identify, examine and take action on issues of local and global significance — making students competent citizens and leaders in a global society and economy.

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