Exploring Integrated Learning Systems

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Exploring Integrated Learning Systems
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Exploring Integrated Learning Systems to Optimize Student-Centered Learning

Schools and districts across the United States are exploring new and powerful ways to redesign education around student-centered, transformative digital learning using competency education as an underpinning. Transforming schools and districts to student-centered learning (SCL) is a complex process. The transformation of educational systems is not scalable or sustainable without a focus on creating systematic and systemic change at both the school and district levels and without the thoughtful use of technology to support the learning and teaching processes, as well as district-level business processes.
This requires current IT ecosystems to be designed around student-centered learning, competency attainment, and multiple pathways. Today, more than ever, school and district leaders are searching for integrated learning ecosystems that support and drive student-centered learning. What are these system requirements and functionalities? What are the interoperability principles that will need to be considered?