happy SOLE – 01 (04/13/2015)

Happy SOLE – 01 (Engineers vs Scientists)

Big Question:
Is the best scientist smarter than the best engineer?

Time and Location

Monday, April 13
6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Teen Center, Gum Spring Library
24600 Millstream Drive
Stone Ridge, VA 20105

happy SOLE 01 – Session Report
The Scientists GroupThe Neutrals

Session Report:

In our inaugural happy SOLE session, we had the pleasure of meeting 14 bright minds from neighboring middle and high schools. Our big question for the day about engineers and scientists picked up steam right off the bat and the kids started with defining an engineer and a scientist. They then differentiated the functions for each of the professions to understand what is necessary to be either one. Within the first 10 minutes of discussion, students took sides and we ended up with three groups, pro engineers, pro scientists and the neutrals.

We had another 10 minutes of discussion. This time, we separated them into their respective groups for an aligned research. The groups then gave us all an 80 second presentation to strengthen their views. We then introduced Peerwise to further the research in the form of questions, answers and explanation, all done online until the next session.

Our next session will be a debate format for the groups to educate us further on the subject.


We thank Mr. Ravikumar Veerasamy for volunteering his time to moderate this happy SOLE session.

Mr. Veerasamy is an experienced IT professional, working as Sr. Program Manager at Lockheed Martin Corporation. He is a recognized Senior Full Spectrum Leader within the corporation. Mr. Veerasamy is experienced and specialized to work on federal contracts & programs. He is currently assigned to work on one of Lockheed Martin’s large contract programs in Washington D.C area. He is currently serving as Portfolio Program Manager, managing a portfolio of USA Government’s eCommerce and supply chain management programs that transacts a business of about $10B annually. With his current leadership, he is managing revenue of about $22M annually with about 80 employees.

He previously held a variety of increasingly responsible technical and management positions, including Chief Architect, Project Manager, Capture Manager, Proposal Manager and Program Manager for various leading IT solution provider companies in the Washington D.C Metro area. Prior joining to Lockheed Martin, he had worked for Computer Technology Associates, Unisys Corporation and Serco Inc.

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